Why a Hosted Children's Costume Theme Party?

Less Hectic!

In-home parties for children offer a more personal & safe atmosphere without the loud distractions in common public venues where you may even be competing with other celebrations at the same time. Flying Carpet Events can set the right mood in your home OR in the hostess home OR in another suitable venue for larger guest counts. The date you want is also often unavailable with public venues.

Save Time & Hassle!

Parents are FREE to socialize and partake in their child's enjoyment without stressing over attending to all the little fine details before, during & after the party. It can be very time consuming to research ideas and to put everything together. Flying Carpet Events will do the running around for you as well as assemble the party favors/crafts and ensure the party is fun & memorable for everyone. You just show up and take photos!

See Gallery for the fun parties I've done with my daughter...

Cost Effective!

The cost of a pool day or rides is comparable but may not be as personal and unique for your child's special day.Flying Carpet Events unique party ideas will turn a regular hat and cake party into an even more meaningful celebration. Advanced planning with us allows for meaningful personalized touches for ALL guests. 


There's an inner power in a costume. Just ask Spider-Mable!  Our hostess is also always in costume & encourages parents and guests to be as well. Flying Carpet Events provides a VIP costume for the birthday girl/boy and takes the role playing even further with specially chosen hosted games & activities that relate directly to the theme that help them to feel the experience.  Flying Caret Events also recognizes the value of an educational component within these activities.  The cake & nibbles are also directly related to the theme making the experience more authentic.