Sylvia Germain -  Event Planner, WPICC 

~  Wedding Planners in Canada Certified 2015

~ AGLC Pro Serve Liquor Staff Training Certification

~ 15+ years experience orchestrating, decorating and catering events including Corporate Events, Weddings,  Theme parties, etc

~ 13 years of experience in the financial industry including investment services, mortgage lending, social committees, & seminar speaking has established my budgeting and communication skills and demonstrates my trustworthiness.

~ 14 years managing an independent Property Management business fine tuned my organizational, negotiating, marketing, & project managing skills. After years of high stress in the property managing industry I am excited now to be following my passion in orchestrating fun & unique custom celebrations

~  3 years administering charitable fundraisers including Edmonton Christmas Bureau. Also assisted Graham Hicks of the Edmonton Sun with raising an extra record breaking $100,000!

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd

I have built a 6 figure property management business that started only from referrals.  I understand the level of excellent service required to earn those needed referrals and promise a satisfaction guaranteed.

I strive to earn my client's trust in overseeing all of the elements in order to ensure a more seamless event without the confusion and tripping that comes from having "too many cooks in the kitchen". I'm hands on with all aspects of designing, planning, coordinating, set-up and take-down. Some call it a "control freak". I call it efficiency :) 

Whether your theme is cultural, seasonal, children's, sports related, romantic, humorous, business, etc... it's all about the fine details. My attention to personalizing those little details  will set the mood for feeling the experience...

Dog Lover

I love my rescue ruffs Poppy and Bella who I rescued from Heart Prints Dog Rescue in 2013. My intention was to just be a foster home but these two cuties stole my heart with their unconditional puppy love and are my favourite past time now, aside from planning parties. I also take pride in being a Mom to a beautiful, intelligent teenage daughter. 

Travel Bug!

I also love to travel and have travelled big parts of this world by myself. That, in itself, can attest to the fact that I can handle anything!  I am familiar with many parts of Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Hawaii, Bahamas, Cuba, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Cruises, Europe, USA...I would also welcome the opportunity to advise and assist with your Destination Wedding!